Sociopathic American Terrorist EP

by Hostage

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Track One.

killing me slowly asleep as I dream.
reoccurring nightmares are awakening me.
Steadfast and stuck on repeat.
Reminiscing on how happy we used to be.
Peace of mind comes when I drink away the memories.
rip open my chest, stick the knife in
rip my heart out ill never need it again
with a pain so deep and precise
you can see the will to live escape my eyes
fuck you , you left me for dead
fuck you, get out of my head
fuck you, ill fill it with lead.
fuck you, was the last thing she said.

Track Two
there’s nothing there around the bend
another wall another dead end
born under an eclipsed sun
without a conscience or respect for anyone
growing up I said fuck authority
one of a chosen few
a violent minority
hatred grows
building inside
there’s nothing here for me i was left behind
I’ve got nothing to put my faith in
so I look to the skies above
they grant me no peace, security or love
I am a sinner, I have no name
bad seed of society
engulfed in pain

Track 3
my hatred grows with every day
its not a flaw but my greatest strength
made me who I am guided my way
I’ve only got one life sentence and ill fucking use it
freedom isn’t fucking free
I won’t miss it when I lose it
an act of terror right through the heart
say a prayer for the youth of America
drugs, guns and mass hysteria
an act of terror right through the heart
revolution, time to start
fuck this world
tear it apart

Track 4
as if you fucking cared about the love that I thought we shared
if you could see inside you’d know that there’s nothing there
left alone to pick up the pieces
from a time when I felt whole
this pain I feel is all that I know
building up ready to explode
and I’ll be happy one day
when I get to smile down on your grave
and know that you’ve finally paid
for all the broken promises you have made

Track 5
cook it down and shoot it up
pierces the skin and enters the blood
you say you leave this all your problems behind
but you’ve gone too far you crossed the line

Grinning at me with a toothless smile
believing all your lies I’m in denial
I believed every word and that it’s in your past
but your gone now you made your peace with god at last
under a blanket of tear soaked grass

a dirty bag killed my friend
the pain I feel will never end
to know that I’ll never see your again
a ghost without a shoulder to lend


released April 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Hostage Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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